• Green Transportation

    Conserve and improve natural ecosystems while protecting human health and well-being. We aim to reduce the environmental damage originated due to individual’s use of vehicles like cars and trucks.

  • Innovative Pedestrian Systems

    We undertake pedestrian modelling, planning, feasibility studies, Design, Management and operation of pedestrian facilities.

  • Intersection Signalisation

    The four basic intersection signalisation are covered. These include discharge headways at intersections. The critical lane and time budget method, Effects of right turning vehicles and delay.

  • Integrated Transportation Systems

    Means seamless connectivity between different transport modes – to maximize the impact mass transport and enable sustainable urban mobility.

  • Pavement Marking and Signage

    Principally used to regulate and provide guidance to traffic movement. These include; delineation of passing and non-passing zones to prevent collusion between vehicles travelling in opposite directions.They serve a variety of purposes and functions and fall into three broad categories:

    Longitudinal markings
    Transverse markings
    Object markers and delineators

  • Traffic Data Collection and Analysis

    Collection of relevant traffic engineering data for analysis towards unveiling the behaviour of traffic for better decision making.

  • Workzone Management

    Control and guidance of traffic in work areas on highways. The strategies include reduction in number and duration of work zones, improve traffic management in work zones and provide travellers with information and options.

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Traffix Technologies includes a team of experienced professional traffic engineers and data scientists who know how traffic controller systems work and understand traffic operations.


The Company

Traffix Technologies is a research and consulting firm in Transportation Engineering committed to contributing content in design and planning of transportation facilities as well as in operations and management of traffic flows.

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